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This is an ELITE CHALLENGE community dedicated to the talented actress Emma Watson, well-known of her character in the Harry Potter series, Hermione Granger. Here you will find many talented icon makers submitting gorgeous icons of Emma.
To join the community, please apply here. If you have any questions or suggestions, you're more than welcome to comment here.
We'd always love to see more people to come, so if it's not too much to ask, you could help pimp us out! Copy the codes below and post it in your ljs!

I hope you enjoy every moment in here♥

Your mods,
fahrenheit1993, sarisafari and banjothequeen
+ you have to be a member in order to participate in challenges
+ any images of Emma Watson are allowed to use, including movies and tv shows images(e.g. Hermione Granger)
+ all effects are allowed, including animation
+ only enter with graphics you made
+ submit only new graphics, not premades
+ all icons have to be in LJ standards (40KB, 100x100px, gif/png/jpg)
+ you can enter up to 3 icons, unless otherwise stated
+ don't vote for yourself or ask others to do so for you, it's not fair
+ you have to TAG your entries with your username
+ post the icons and the direct urls
+ you can post alternatives and/or rejected icons undercut
+ you can change and/or add icons, but please edit the SAME entry
1. Each challenge lasts six days.
2. The voting is posted after challenges are closed. The voting will be opened for 2-3 days, or until we have all the ties broken.
3. Winners are posted after voting is closed.
4. New challenge will be posted after the voting is up.

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