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To participate challenges in the community, you have to apply for membership. Please read the following rules carefully to join us:)

1) This is an ELITE CHALLENGE COMMUNITY. So we don't accept beginners, you have to have certain level of skills in making icons. HOWEVER, WE'RE ALWAYS HAPPY TO HAVE YOU WATCH THE COMMUNITY.

2) Comment to this entry to gain membership. Tell us your name, where we can find your graphics, examples of your BEST works(5-10 pieces, paste in images not urls, and they don't have to be Emma icons) and whether you'd like to receive constructive criticism.

3) Type "TO BE HONEST, I AM HERMIONE" in the subject of your comment to make sure you have read the rules.

4) If you are rejected, please don't take it personally and don't be rude. We don't claim ourselves as the best icon makers, but we do believe that we have some useful opinions to help you improve your skills. YOU CAN ALWAYS RE-APPLY THREE WEEKS LATER IF YOU'RE REJECTED.

5) Once you're accepted, you will recieve invitations from us. We'll tell you in comments and you can check it here.

6) Please be patient and don't keep asking for answers a day after you've commented. We might be unable to receive the email notification, need to take more time to make the decision or simply are too busy that week. If we don't reply to your comment for a week, you may prompt us by reply to your comment.

7) You have to receive TWO yes from me(fahrenheit1993), sarisafari or banjotime to be a member.

8) Fill out the form in your comment.

9) If you're invited to join, you don't need to apply for membership. You're invited because we would like you to be here:) Do participate if you accept our invitations though, we wouldn't want to see no one participate after joining.

- Icons used in voting and results pages will be directy copied from your submitted entry(aka hotlinking), I'm sorry if you're not happy with that.
- There will be Icon of the Month winners each month. All the winning icons(including 1st, 2nd, 3rd, mod's choice and additional awards) in the month will be automatically nominated.

**MAKE SURE TO HAVE YOUR EMAIL NOTIFICATIONS ON, because we will delete your applications from time to time.
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